Hello and welcome to Everidge Editing!

As a lifelong reader, I look forward to immersing myself into brave new worlds, exploring the depths of plots and subplots, and hurtling across various fictional obstacles. With every single story I read, I get the chance to delve into the results of someone else’s imagination, and oh, what fun that is!

As a writer, the intimidation that comes along with placing your manuscript for others to read and edit is very real. I know what it’s like to offer your story for someone to read and the anxious moments that tick away while you’re waiting for their opinions and their critiques. I also know the emotional moment when a flaw is exposed in a story that has had so much time and effort poured into it and the tumultuous feelings that come with it.

Because of that, no matter which services I do for you, I will offer my honest opinions and feedback, although I will never be unkind. Yes, I will point out flaws and continuity errors and so on, but I will also commend you on your writing strengths as well. I will provide you with in-depth constructive criticism, as well as explanations as to why those particular items may have been pointed out, along with suggestions to help shape your manuscript into what you dream it to be.

I also maintain strict confidentiality with everything that is entrusted to me; I am the sole person behind this business and nothing between you and me will be revealed to anyone else. I will also take no credit or royalties for my services. Everything you have written is 100% yours; I am only here to read, edit, and offer suggestions.

Feel free to explore the tabs above or drop me an email through the Contact Me tab. I will be sure to reply within 24 hours.

Thanks for popping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

— M. L. Everidge